Ukrainian Intelligence Names GRU Officer in Slavyansk

Ukrainian Intelligence Names GRU Officer in Slavyansk

The Ukrainian Security Service has identified the leader of a Russian subversive group operating in Slavyansk [Slovyansk] as Igor Strelkov, a spetsnaz officer in the GRU [military intelligence] of the Russian armed forces general staff.

An announcement by the Ukrainian Security Service’s press office says, “It is his voice that is heard talking to his Moscow handler on a recorded phone call that was made public in the media on April 14. He reports back on acts of terror in Slavyanksk and on shots fired at a vehicle carrying Ukrainian law-enforcement officers.

Strelkov has also been identified by subversives who have currently in custody.

The security service says that Strelkov went to Crimea at the beginning of March and coordinated the seizure of Ukrainian military bases, local government and the Crimean government by Russian military and security-service personnel; and the abductions of Ukrainian military servicemen, NGO activists and other citizens as well as foreign nationals who were in Crimea.

The security service says Strelkov is recruiting Ukrainian citizens to arrange and carry out acts of subversion.

“He personally instructed Ukrainian nationals “K” and “V” to seize and hold the Kharkiv regional administration, and to take over military and police bases to acquire weapons in the Luhansk region.”

The Ukrainian Security Service has launched criminal proceedings against Strelkov for “premeditated murder; actions to harm Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability; acts of subversion; and organising mass unrest in our state’s eastern regions”.

It was reported early that one of the Russian leaders of the separatists is political analyst and PR man Alexander Boroday. His voice is heard on a recorded phone conversations between members of the subversive group in Slavyansk. The recording has been made public by the Ukrainian Security Service.

This article republished from Ukrainska Pravda with kind permission.

Original article in Ukrainian and Russian.

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