Ukrainian Helicopter Downed Near Slavyansk

Ukrainian Helicopter Downed Near Slavyansk

A Ukrainian Mi-8 military helicopter has been shot down by terrorists at Mt Karachun near Slavyansk, Ukrainska Pravda was told by National Guardsmen posted at a checkpoint near the town.

They said the helicopter was downed as it was taking off from the hill, and that the location where the fire came from had been identified.

Nine people were reportedly on board the helicopter, and preliminary reports indicate that all of them were killed. Military hardware has been dispatched to the spot where it came down.

On Monday [May 23], a ceasefire lasting until 10 am on June 27 was agreed at talks between the Ukrainian authorities, the OSCE and [separatist] representatives in Donetsk.  

This article was republished from Novosti Donbassa with kind permission. Original article in Russian.

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