Ukraine Interior Minister Reports Tanks Arriving From Russia

Ukraine Interior Minister Reports Tanks Arriving From Russia

A column of military vehicles consisting of BTR armoured personnel carriers, tanks and armoured cars has come from Russia to Ukraine via border checkpoints seized by terrorists, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov told a briefing on Thursday [May 12] shown on Hromadske TV.

“Columns are entering from the Russian Federation via terrorist-held crossing points, specifically in the Dyakovo area,” Avakov said. “Columns of BTRs and cars, including armoured cars fitted with artillery weapons, have been identified passing through these crossing points.”

“On Thursday, we observed three tanks which we understand crossed the border and have been in Snezhnoe since morning

After that, two of them set off in the direction of Horlivka. They were attacked by our armed forces. A battle is under way.”

Avakov said that “part of the column has been destroyed”.

Dmitry Timchuk [defence expert] also reported on Thursday that the terrorists in Snezhnoe were in possession of tanks. Photos and video confirmation of this later appeared. 

This article was republished from Novosti Donbassa with kind permission. Original article in Russian.

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