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Ukraine: Crimeans Arrive in Lviv Seeking Refuge

Another 51 people from Crimea are due in Lviv [western Ukraine city] by train today, March 11. Petro Kolody, head of the Lviv provincial council, says people are coming to the region to stay on a temporary basis until the conflict on the Crimean peninsula is resolved.

The number of families from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and from southeastern regions of Ukraine calling the Lviv provincial council’s hotline (0-800-501-727) to apply for temporary residence has reached 249, or 1,380 individuals including 649 adolescents and 731 children.

To date, 560 of the people who have arrived in Lviv from Crimea have been resettled.

Ninety Crimean residents including 38 children are expected in Lviv today [by train and other means]. According to Kolody, larger numbers of families – 180, or 962 individuals as of yesterday – from Lviv region have called the council hotline offering to accommodate people from Crimea and southeastern Ukraine.  

This article republished from Lvivska Gazeta with kind permission.
Original article here in Ukrainian.

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