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Trip To Hague Looming For Tuta.

The saga Mladen "Tuta" Naletilic saga took a new twist last week when two Dutch doctors ruled the suspected war criminal fit to travel - contradicting findings by Zagreb doctors in February. The Croat justice minister says he will respect the new report

New developments in the Mladen "Tuta" Naletilic case were reported last week. A medical team examined the accused in Zagreb and declared him fit for transfer to The Hague, contradicting a decision by Zagreb doctors in February that such a journey would place Naletilic's life in danger.

Tribunal spokesman, Jim Landale, said the new report by two Dutch doctors assesses Naletilic fit to travel to The Hague provided suitable transport conditions are met.

The Tribunal registrar and chief prosecutor have yet to announce a decision on what steps to take in light of the report.

Croatia's justice minister said on Friday that his government would rely on the expertise of the Dutch doctors and extradict Naletilic should such a request come from the Tribunal.

Naletilic is accused of crimes against Bosniaks in the area of Mostar in 1993. The Croatian authorities extradicted his co-accused, Vinko Martinovic Stela, to the Tribunal last year.