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Trial Chamber Orders Provisional Release of Haradinaj - Decision Stayed Pending Appeal

By Coalition for International Justice (CIJ)
A trial chamber of the ICTY today ordered that former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj be provisionally released from the Tribunal's Detention Unit and allowed to return to Kosovo.  His provisional release has been granted on several conditions - Haradinaj must remain either in the capital, Pristina, or his home town of Glodjane; he must not hold any governmental position at any level in Kosovo; he may not discuss his case with anyone other than his lawyers; he may not contact or interfere with any victim or potential witness and he must submit to occasional unannounced check-ups by the UN authorities currently administering Kosovo. 

Hardinaj has been ordered not to participate in any political activities during his first 90 days of release, nor to make any public appearances during that time, but will be allowed to conduct organizational or administrative activities in connection with his leadership of the political party, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

In reaching this decision, the Trial Chamber noted that the accused would likely appear for trial and that there is 'no evidence that, if released, the Accused will not pose a danger to any victim, witness or other person.'  The Trial Chamber rejected the Prosecutions's arguments that a generalized dangerous environment in Kosovo should be factored into their decision.  The court noted that there were no specific allegations that Haradinaj has, or would, pose a danger to victims and witnesses. 

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