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Training & Resources

IWPR's editorial training programmes are designed to work with journalists to develop their professional capacities as part of our overall effort to strengthen local media. Whether a young reporter starting out or an experienced professional, all journalists benefit from continuing skills development, particularly in sharing experiences from different media traditions.    

Training Strategy

IWPR's in-depth strategy focuses on training and building a strong network of local journalists. To achieve this, IWPR trainers are selected with local cultural attitudes in mind, and IWPR training materials are all tailored to meet the specific needs in each national or regional media space.

Editorial Policy & Process

IWPR enjoys an international reputation as a leading source of reliable reporting by journalists in crisis zones. Its editorial output consists of news, news analysis, comment and features focusing on issues of war and conflict resolution, human rights, democratic development, civil society, women's rights and minorities.


IWPR supports two main forms of skills development: on-the-job training and regular workshops and formal seminars.

For more, read our pages on overall training strategy and on how our journalists are trained.


Senior editors provide evaluation and feedback, and regularly run training sessions and workshops. IWPR training is fully integrated into the editorial process. Ongoing discussion, feedback and article evaluations form an integral part of the ongoing editorial work. 


Below are listed several important resources for IWPR authors and editors.