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Traffic Cops Shed Military Dress

The pro-government website Syria News reported on September 6 that traffic policemen and customs officers would no longer wear army-green uniforms from that date.

The website said the officials will wear grey trousers and white shirts instead.

Some observers welcomed the decision, arguing that it made police look more like civil servants than security agents, the report said.

One official responsible for traffic matters told the website that the change of uniforms was part of a plan to develop solutions to traffic in Syria and improve the image of policemen in the eyes of Syrian citizens.

He said that the plan included training policemen in how to deal with people.

One person interviewed by the website said that changing the appearance of traffic policemen was not important while the way they dealt with citizens was unchanged.

Traffic policemen are often accused of resorting to bribery because of their very low salaries.

Others found the new uniform impractical, arguing that the white shirts would soon get dirty from long hours exposed to pollution from car exhausts, according to the report.

Some years ago, the requirement was lifted for school students to wear dark green, socialist-era uniforms, which many likened to military dress.

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