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Thousands Still Missing in Balkans

By Merdijana Sadovic in Sarajevo (TU No 515, 31-Aug-07)
The International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC, has reported this week that 17,782 people are still listed as missing, following the wars in the former Yugoslavia in the Nineties.

According to the data ICRC collected so far, 13,449 people are still unaccounted for in Bosnia, 2,386 in Croatia and 2,047 in Kosovo.

"For years, the ICRC has been trying to support calls from the families of the missing, hoping to generate a greater response concerning the fate of their loved ones," head of the regional ICRC mission in Belgrade Paul-Henry Arni told Belgrade news agency Beta this week.

Arni said not knowing the fate of their relatives is agonising for families. That is why, he adds, more time has to be devoted to solving the problem of missing persons.

Merdijana Sadovic is IWPR’s Hague programme manager.

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