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Third Body Found in Slavyansk, Looks Like Murder

By Novosti Donbassa

At the same location in Slavyansk where the bodies of Horlivka town councillor Vladimir Rybak and Kiev polytechnic student Yury Popravko were discovered, another body has been found showing similar signs of violent death.

“Another body has turned up at the same place. The circumstances of death are being clarified,” the Donetsk regional police department’s public affairs office said on April 28.

As reported earlier, a body was found in Slavyansk on April 19; it turned out to be that of Vladimir Rybak, a member of Horlivka town council. Another body was found alongside Rybak’s. The rector of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Mikhail Zgurovsky, later confirmed that this was Yury Popravsky, a student at his institution.

The Ukrainian Security Service has established that a group of offenders led by GRU spetsnaz officer Igor Strelkov, a Russian national, were involved in Rybak’s death.

This article republished from Novosti Donbassa with kind permission.

Original article in Russian.