Syrian Media Condemn Western Intervention in Iran


Syrian Media Condemn Western Intervention in Iran


Wednesday, 1 July, 2009
Syrian media have strongly condemned what they saw as attempts by the West to shake Iran’s security and stability and vowed support to the Iranian regime.

Iran has been witnessing unrest since the results of its June 12 presidential elections were declared.

The reason for western interference in Iranian affairs is the Islamic Republic’s foreign policies, a June 25 op-ed article in the official Tishreen newspaper said.

It is clear that the West is trying to destabilise the power structure in Iran and punish the Islamic state for supporting Arab causes and standing out against Israel, wrote Ezeldin al-Darwish.

Even before the outcome of the elections was announced, western media started to spread “poisonous” news reports by claiming results has been faked and pitting Iranians against each other, the author said.

He said that it was normal for protests to take place in large and democratic countries like Iran that criticised the West for exploiting the situation and sending out “terrorists” to the demonstrations.

Darwish concluded that Iran has proved to be “strong” and “unbreakable” and that its revolution - which led to the establishment of the theocratic regime in 1979 - was deeply rooted at the political, economic and social levels.

In a June 24 editorial, the official Al-Thawra daily said that the destabilisation of Iran would have repercussions on stability and security in the whole region.

The newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Asaad Aboud, wrote that it served Israel’s interests to see Iran falling apart.

He said that the West was attacking Iran because it was a strong, industrial and progressive country.

An earlier June 22 opinion article in the official Al-Baath newspaper said that the West was interfering in Iranian internal issues because it had “ambitions” to control the Islamic Republic.

Eid Abu Sekah claimed that the protests in the country had been planned by groups “who were trained by British forces” to plant explosives and create turmoil, echoing what the Iranian foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, said in earlier comments.
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