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Syria Press Review Launched

IWPR has launched the Syria Press Monitor, a weekly round-up of news and opinion from the Syrian national and diaspora press.

The press review is the first product of IWPR's new Syria programme, which aims to strengthen independent media, civil society and human rights groups and help women, minority and youth participate in public life and debate.

The Syria Press Monitor will offer a wide variety of news, analysis and comment from inside and outside the country, by including items from major government-backed publications as well as smaller, more independent newspapers and websites.

The project serves to bolster international understanding and awareness of Syria and Syrian issues and to provide an expert international audience of journalists, academics, activists and diplomats with access to reliable information about Syria and highlight current debates and developments in the country.

IWPR will publish the Syria Press Monitor on its website If you wish to subscribe to the media monitor or require any further information, please contact Tiare Rath, IWPR Middle East Editor.

For more information, contact:

Tiare Rath

IWPR Middle East Editor


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