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SFOR Arrests Stevan Todorovic, alias 'The Monster'

Tribunal Update 94: Last Week in The Hague (21-27 September 1998)

Todorovic is one of the six accused in the original Bosanski Samac indictment, issued on 21 July, 1995. The first person named on that indictment--Slobodan Miljkovic, alias "Lugar"--was killed in Kragujevac, Serbia earlier this year (see Updates 88 and 93). But three others--Milan Simic, Miroslav Tadic and Simo Zaric--surrendered voluntarily at the beginning of 1998.

The indictment against the three was recently amended with new counts and qualifications, and their case was separated from that of the remaining two accused: Blagoje Simic and Stevan Todorovic. All three pleaded not guilty to the amended indictment at the beginning of September (see Update 91). Todorovic's arrest, however, may prompt the Prosecutor to request that his case is heard along with that of Tadic, Zaric and Milan Simic.

The original Bosanski Samac indictment charges Todorovic on one count of murder, as well as several incidents of beatings, torture and sexual assault against arrested Croats and Bosniaks (Muslims). At the time of the alleged crimes (April to July 1992) Todorovic, a former executive in a bamboo furniture factory, was Chief of Police for Bosanski Samac municipality.