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Serbia Probes Murder of 700 Muslims

(TU No 463, 11-Aug-06)
Grujic, 62, and Popovic, 57, have already been detained in Serbia, where they are on trial along with five others for allegedly killing at least 19 Bosnian Muslim civilians and expelling more than 1,800 others from the eastern Bosnian town of Zvornik at the beginning of the war.

Grujic was mayor of Zvornik at the time, while Popovic was the commander of local territorial defence units.

Prosecutor’s spokesman Bruno Vekaric said 20 of the 700 Muslims died of suffocation when they were put into a crowded room where the heating was put on maximum. The prosecutor alleges that bodies of the victims were buried in various locations in an attempt to cover up the crime. About 200 have been exhumed from mass graves so far.

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