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Prosecution Closes Its Case Against General Blaskic

Tribunal Update 87: Last Week in The Hague (27 July - 1 August, 1998)

Blaskic is accused of the crimes committed in 1993 by the Bosnian Croat forces (HVO), allegedly under his command and control, against Bosniaks in the Lasva Valley in Central Bosnia. The last, hundred-and second prosecution witness was a representative of one of the international organisations, which were involved in Bosnia during the war. The witness gave evidence in a closed session and nothing about his identity was disclosed.

On the same day when the prosecution completed its case, on 29 July 1998, the deadline expired for the Republic of Croatia to hand over to the Tribunal certain documents relevant for the case and demanded by the Trial Chamber I Order issued on 21 July. As we have learned unofficially, the Tribunal did not receive a response from Croatia by the deadline set for 29 July at noon.

The beginning of the presentation of evidence of the defence is scheduled for 24 August 1998. Blaskic's defence counsels Russell Hayman and Anto Nobilo announce the appearance of 90 to 100 witnesses. Following the Trial Chamber I decision, they will have 60 working days for the examination of witnesses and for the presentation of other evidence.

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