Libya: The Post-Revolution Pioneers

IWPR hosted a three-day conference in Tunis on February 26-28 2018 to mark the launch of Post-Revolution Pioneers, its report into women's civil society groups in Libya. Funded by the UK government and produced in partnership with Binda Consulting International, the report draws on extensive field interviews from across the country.

The report finds evidence of women’s civic associations undertaking vital work in areas ranging from conflict resolution and human rights to health, leadership, economic regeneration and victim support. In the absence of functioning central government,  women’s groups are finding ways to establish partnerships among officials, businesses, volunteers and others in order to provide essential services and tackle pressing local issues. 

The report, submitted to the UK and other donor governments, lays out an extensive series of recommendations for further support, and will help guide IWPR’s own ongoing programme supporting two dozen women’s civil society organisations inside Libya.

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