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Poroshenko Looks Unbeatable in Ukraine Polls

Over 60 per cent of returns counted.
By Ukrainska Pravda

With 63.6 of ballot papers counted electronically by the Central Electoral Committee, Petro Poroshenko continues to lead with 53.8 per cent of the vote. That will allow him to win election in this first round.

Yulia Timoshenko has 13.12 per cent of the vote, Oleh Lyashko 8.49 per cent, Anatoly Hrytsenko 5.43 per cent and Serhiy Tihipko 5.28 per cent.

Mikhail Dobkin won 3.34 per cent of the vote, Vadim Rabinovic 2.31 per cent, and the remaining candidates under two per cent. 

This article republished from Ukrainska Pravda with kind permission.

Original article in Russian.