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Over 20 Dead in Mariupol Clashes – Ukraine Police Minister


Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov has given details of today’s [May 9] clashes in Mariupol.

“A group of around 60 terrorists armed with automatic weapons mounted an attack on the city police department. They attempted to seize the building without issuing any demands in advance. A fight inside the building escalated into full-scale combat as reinforcements from the armed forces and the National Guard’s Omega unit arrived. A significant number of terrorists were eliminated in the battle, which involved units from the National Guard, the armed forces, and the interior ministry’s Azov special unit,” Avazov wrote on his Facebook page.

“Around 20 terrorists were killed and four were captured. A significant number of the attackers abandoned their weapons and took refuge in residential parts of the city.

“Casualties on our side [interior ministry forces] were one dead and five injured. The casualties sustained by the armed forces are still being counted.”

Avazov’s Facebook post continued, "You mercenary scum, when will you calm down and have your fill of bloodshed? Think about it! The counter-terrorism units have been reinforced by units brought in from other regions. Our position regarding armed terrorists has not changed; it is shoot to kill. I am asking everyone, our friends and our enemies, to put strife and interests to one side. Our country is at stake here. Do your duty honestly. We are strong, we can do it and we must do it!”  

This article republished from with kind permission. Original article in Russian.