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Osijek Judge Orders Glavas Investigation

By Goran Jungvirth in Zagreb (TU No 475, 3-Nov-06)

This case came to media attention a few weeks ago when six Croats from the town of Osijek were detained on suspicion of being involved in the execution of six Serb civilians in 1991, at the early stages of the Croatian war.

This incident was dubbed by the media as the sellotape case, because the victims' bodies were found floating in the Drava river, with their hands tied and mouths taped.

Glavas – a wartime mayor of Osijek and a former Croatian army general – was arrested on October 26 on charges related to another case – the torture and murder of Serb civilians in Osijek in the same period.

He has been on a hunger strike since he was put behind bars in order to draw attention to his case, which he claims is politically motivated.

About 200 of his followers from Osijek – where he is still regarded as a hero of the 1991-1995 war – arrived in Zagreb on November 2 to express their support.

He told them he would continue a hunger strike until all cases against him are called off.

Goran Jungvirth is an IWPR contributor in Zagreb.

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