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Oric Trial Ends

TU No 448, 13-Apr-06
"This has not been an easy case," said Judge Agius.

Oric faces charges relating to his alleged responsibility for looting and wanton destruction of Serb property in villages around Srebrenica in 1992 and 1993, and for murders and abuse of Serb prisoners held in the town's prison during the same period.

In the six days set aside for closing arguments, prosecutors called for an 18-year sentence. The defence said he should be acquitted on all counts.

The prosecution has tried to prove that Oric controlled fighters said to have been personally responsible for the crimes in question. The defence has dismissed such claims, saying that at the time their client was a commander "only on paper".

Oric also took the opportunity to briefly address the court at the end of closing arguments, saying, "I trust your honours, and I trust you will reach the right decision."

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