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Oric Judges Dismiss New Evidence Bid

(TU No 439, 10-Feb-06)
Under tribunal rules, after all the main evidence has been presented, the prosecution can bring new witnesses in a procedure known as rebuttal.

Oric is charged with leading Muslim forces in attacks on over 50 Serb villages in Bosnia’s Srebrenica region during 1992 and 1993.

The prosecution had requested that two witness testimonies and two documents, relating to “a purported relationship between the Srebrenica and Zvornik hospitals in 1992” be presented to the trial chamber now that the defence case has been completed.

However, the judges cited the tribunal’s own precedents which advise that evidence which is “fundamental” to the indictment should be brought in the main prosecution case and not in rebuttal.

The chamber added that the prosecution cannot bring new evidence which “merely…reinforces or fills gaps in the prosecution’s case-in-chief”.

This week, the judges also issued an order that the parties file their closing briefs on March 17, and ensure they are ready to present their closing arguments in the first week of April.

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