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Omarska Case for Sarajevo War Crimes Chamber

TU No 447, 07-Apr-06
The men are charged with “confining in inhumane conditions, murdering, beating, sexually assaulting, harassing, humiliating and psychologically abusing” non-Serbs in the Omarska and Keraterm camps in Bosnia between May and August 1992.

The prosecution alleges that Mejakic was the commander of the Omarska, Gruban and Fustar guard shift commanders at Omarska and Keraterm respectively and Knezevic “had sufficient authority to be able to enter and leave the camps as he wished”.

Under the tribunal’s rules, low- and middle-ranking accused can be returned to face trial in the Balkans, as part of the courts strategy to complete all trials and appeals by 2010.

The tribunal has already transferred two accused to Sarajevo for trial and one case involving two accused has been referred to Croatia.

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