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News – The Televised Revolution

A new collection of photographs and texts offers a fresh perspective on the turbulence and conflict that have swept the Middle East and North Africa in the last year and a half.
By IWPR staff
  • (Photo: Monika Huber)
    (Photo: Monika Huber)

“News – The Televised Revolution” is an innovative collaboration between photographer Monika Huber and journalist Susanne Fischer.

“We did this book because we felt that the daily reports in the evening news and the flood of similar images were increasingly overwhelming the audience,” said Fischer, a former reporter in Baghdad and now IWPR Middle East Programme Manager.“We wanted to provide a fresh angle; a more personal narrative of the events that turned 2011 into such an extraordinary year.”

Fischer brings to bear her own experience of reporting on the region, and has selected contributions from a range of participants in the “Arab Spring”. These courageous individuals offer uniquely informed views of how things looked from inside Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen.

Huber’s pictures deliberately break the conventions of news photojournalism. She manipulates images from the news to create artistic works that cast a critical eye on how images are selected, presented, and perceived.

“We think this book will give readers a chance to look beyond regular news coverage, and get a close-up view of these revolutionary events,” Fischer said. “Monika Huber’s artistic images will reveal hidden details, while the choir of voices that comes together in the book will provide a different narrative of these revolutions.”

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