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New Judges and New Rules

TU No 447, 07-Apr-06
These reserve judges will be present at each stage of the proceedings and will replace a judge overseeing the case if he or she is unable to go on. The aim is to avoid situations where a trial is forced to re-start because of the withdrawal of a judge.

Two new ad litem or temporary judges were also sworn at the tribunal this week – Stefan Trechsel from Switzerland and Arpad Prandler from Hungary.

They are due to work on the case against Prlić and five others - former high-ranking political and military Bosnian Croat officials of the self-proclaimed Republic of Herceg-Bosna who are charged with the ethnic cleansing of Muslims and other non-Croats who lived in the area.

The trial is scheduled to start sometime before the tribunal takes its summer break in July.

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