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New Investigating Team For Kosovo

Tribunal Update 75: Last Week in The Hague
Participating in the inauguration of the new courtroom, the British government representative, John Morris, attorney general for England and Wales, probably said more than he was supposed to, or at least more than Deputy Prosecutor Graham Blewitt, who was also present at the occasion, would have liked him to have said. First, Morris said the British Government was "both impressed by and grateful for the prosecutor's ready acceptance of the new challenge of investigating the recent events in Kosovo," which in his opinion was "a crucial task." Morris then went on to express the hope that the United Kingdom will "be able to provide at least one member of the new investigative team that you are setting up to meet that challenge." For his part, however, Deputy Prosecutor Blewitt refused to comment on the "new investigative team." At a subsequent press conference, he limited himself only to confirming the announced readiness of the Office of the Prosecutor to "gather information," "commence an investigation," and "monitor subsequent developments" in Kosovo.

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