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More Wrangling Over Dushanbe Evictions

Residents of an area in the capital where homes were knocked down by the state say they are receiving little or no compensation, Mehrangiz Tursunzoda reports.
By IWPR Central Asia
As IWPR reported recently in Tajikistan: Home Ownership on Shaky Ground, homes in the Buni Hisorak area were torn down in January to make way for an amusement park.

At least 130 people in the Buni Hisorak area watched as their homes were demolished by bulldozers in mid-January. The city authorities said the 15 households involved had been living in their properties unlawfully, and that they were therefore not entitled to any compensation.

Now the city authorities are offering to rent them new apartments at half-price, saying they are doing them a big favour. Lawyer Abdurahmon Sharipov suspects that this offer is just a ploy to get the families to abandon their complaints in despair, as they will not be able to afford even the half-price rate of 70 US dollars a month for the homes they are being offered.

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