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Montenegrin State Prosecutor Visits OTP

Tribunal Update 30: Last Week in The Hague (May 26-31, 1997)

The news of the visit of a three-member delegation from Montenegro, led by State Prosecutor Vladimir Susovic, came as a sensation. The delegation had three days of talks with Chief Prosecutor Louise Arbour and her colleagues.

At the end of the visit, a terse statement was issued saying that "the talks concerned a number of operational matters which must remain confidential, but the meetings were productive," and both sides "are pleased that their Offices established relations and are developing an understanding about the work being undertaken by each."

The surprising visit of the Montenegrin delegation to The Hague could be interpreted as another attempt by the republic to distance itself from its "big brother", Serbia, and to free itself of the stigma attached to uncooperative states which the international community - as can be seen from the previous section of this Update - is threatening will have a high price to pay for extending asylum to those accused of war crimes.

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