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Missing Ukrainian Activists May be Freed After Crimea Poll

By Ukrainska Pravda

Three activists from the Automaidan group who went missing in Simferopol are likely to be released after the March 16 referendum in Crimea.

According to those trying to secure their release, the [Russian] occupying force will not say where Alexei Gritsenko, Natalya Lukyanchenko and Sergei Suprun are being held, but has said, “They’ll be fine. We’ll hang onto them for a couple more days and then let them out after the referendum."

Neither argument nor persuasion has proved effective. Based on mobile phone location date, it was suspected that the missing activists were inside a military commissariat at 152 Kiev Street, Simferopol, which was recently seized by Russian troops.

Meanwhile, sources in Crimea says the family of a military officer in Perevalny – his wife and child – were successfully transported out of the peninsula and taken to Lviv. The officer had received threats.

This article republished from Ukrainska Pravda with kind permission.

Original article in Russian.

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