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Milosevic Lawyers Want Medical Records Unsealed

TU No 445, 24-Mar-06
Milosevic wanted to travel to Russia for medical treatment, but the request was denied by the judges hearing his case.

Lawyers Steven Kay and Gillian Higgins argue that it was Milosevic's own desire that the records in question should be made public. Following the death of the accused, they added, his son, Marko Milosevic, expressed the same wish. The documents in question apparently include "documents, filings, medical reports, conclusions, internal memoranda and treatment plans".

The hope, Kay and Higgins said, was that the documents would " ensure that there is a comprehensive and open understanding" of the events leading up to Milosevic's death.

Marko Milosevic has publicly accused the Hague tribunal of responsibility for his father's death, which was apparently caused by a heart attack.

After Milosevic died, it was revealed that he had written to the Russian authorities expressing concerns that he was being poisoned. Tests on a sample of Milosevic's blood earlier this year revealed the presence of a drug called rifampicin, which is known to counteract drugs he was prescribed for his high blood pressure.

There has also been speculation that Milosevic may have been taking the drug himself, in an effort to manipulate his condition and secure his release from the tribunal's custody.

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