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Saddam's Men Resurgent

Former Republican Guards team up with foreign Islamist militants in Fallujah to fight Coalition forces.

What Now for Iraq's New Rulers?

The fate of the newly-empowered government depends on getting a firm grip on security, but adopting a lighter touch with a diversity of political factions.

Comment: A Child of War

A boy who dreamed of life as a Kurdish warrior is now a man, and seeks an end to Iraq’s incessant wars.

Comment: We Are Not Saddams

Giving a fair trial to a dictator who denied that right to so many will set the Iraqi people on the right track to a better future.

Global Voices: Middle East & North Africa

Abdulmonam Eassa/Getty Images

Peacebuilding in Syria

Empowering Syrian women, youth, and marginalised groups, and increasing their participation in public and political life.
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Ten Years on from Tahrir Square: Freedom of Expression in the Middle East

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