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Media Say US-Israeli Military Drills Harmful to Region

The pro-government newspaper Al-Watan criticised the recent military manoeuvres carried by Israel and the United States and said the exercises were directed against “resistant countries” in the region.

The Israel Defense Forces, IDF, and the US military began joint three-week exercises on October 22. Israel said the exercises were unrelated to any developments in the region.

In an October 25 op-ed article, author Malek Nator said that the military exercises proved that the presumed changes in Washington’s policy towards Israel were “senseless”.

He said the coalition between Israel and the US is getting stronger as a reaction to the fact that their shared enemies, Iran as well as Arab resistance forces spearheaded by Syria, were becoming “more potent and more active”.

The columnist blamed some Arab countries without naming them because, he said, they refrained from criticising or even commenting about the exercises.

He said that if Iran and Syria were to carry such manoeuvres, it would be frowned upon by the whole international community and Arab armies would be placed on alert.