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Kupreskici and Other Trials

Tribunal Update 92: The Last Two Weeks in The Hague (31 August-12 September, 1998)

Zagreb lawyer Jadranka Slokovic Glumac, who is defending Mirjan Kupreskic, deems this to be one of the most serious problems in this court's proceedings, since, as she notes, "in such a situation the public control over witnesses' statements and the court's work is missing."

On 4 September, Sakib Ahmic, the survivor of the massacre in Ahmici, whom the prosecution had introduced as a major witness, appeared in the witness box. Sakib Ahmic had already testified in the trial against General Blaskic and, on that occasion, had testified that the accused Zoran and Mirjan Kupreskic, his closest Croat neighbours in the village, killed his son, daughter-in-law, and their two children, one of whom was only three months old. He reiterated this in the first part of his testimony in the current proceedings.

The next Tribunal Update will deal at greater length with the testimony of the prosecution's major witness, since he was was due to be cross-examined on 15 September by the defence counsels of the six accused. Of the 11 counts of the indictment that charge the Kupreskic brothers, ten are based on the accusations of Sakib Ahmic.