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Kupreskic & Others Defence: No Persecution, Whatsoever...

Tribunal Update 109: Last Week in The Hague (18-23 January, 1999)

To that effect, with the help of three witnesses, they sought to prove not only that the accused did not take part in the persecution, but that there was no persecution of Muslims in that part of Central Bosnia (Lasva River Valley). Neither was there discrimination, nor firings from jobs.

Witness Vlado Divkovic, director of the munitions factory in Vitez, claimed that until April 1993, the "ethnic balance" both among the employees and the management of the factory had been preserved. He further claimed how - also until April 1993 - the factory delivered explosive and ammunition equally to the HVO and the BH Army. To confirm this, the Defence submitted deliveries notes on ammunition shipped to both sides.

Although the Prosecution noted that the last document submitted in regard to the delivery of munitions to the Army of BH was dated December 1992, the witness maintained that such deliveries continued through until April the following year.

Prosecutor Michael Blaxill, noted with irony how it appeared "accidental that we have only the documents from 1992". This earned him an objection from the Defence and a reprimand from Presiding Judge Antonio Cassesse, who asked the him to "refrain from comments."

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