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Kupreskic And Others Seek Provisional Release

Tribunal Update 54: Last Week in The Hague (November 24-28, 1997)

It is requested on the grounds that they are "family people and this motion would mitigate their position, both for themselves and their families, and the accusation clearly shows that they are subordinate persons who are according to the charges simple executors, and not organisers or givers of orders."

According to the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, provisional release may be granted only in exceptional circumstances, and only if the Trial Chamber is satisfied that the accused will appear for trial, and, if released, will not pose a danger to any victim, witness or other person.

There is little likelihood that the Trial Chamber will accept the "family people" argument as exceptional circumstances, even more so because many of their former neighbours - the Muslims who were ethnically cleansed from Ahmici and other villages in the Lasva Valley – have been testifying about their role as "simple executors" in the trial of General Tihomir Blaskic.

This is the precise role, that they, the Croat inhabitants of Amhici are accused of playing in the ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population of Ahmici and other villages in the Lasva Valley.

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