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Judges Seek Clarification in Croatian Contempt Case

TU No 453, 22-May-06
Earlier this year, judges publicly confirmed that Mesic was the witness at the centre of the contempt case, who appeared under protective measures in the Blaskic trial and whose identity had previously been – at least in theory – confidential.

Since July last year, the prosecution has filed a number of submissions seeking to amend the indictments against the four journalists – Marijan Krizic, Josip Jovic, Stjepan Seselj and Domagoj Margetic – and to combine their cases into one.

In a bid to clarify the situation, Judge Patrick Robinson has now requested a full list of all the proposed amendments, along with supporting material and explanations for why each change is sought. He also wants to see copies of the proposed amended indictments that would be employed both if there is a joint trial and if the cases are tried separately.

In addition, Judge Robinson asked the prosecution to reiterate in detail its arguments for joining the cases, both in the event that some or all of the amendments are allowed, and in the event that they are not.

The prosecution has ten days to comply with the order, after which the accused will have seven days to file their responses.

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