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Judges Reject Tuta Lie Detector Request

Tribunal judges rule lie detectors "unreliable"

Judges last week rejected a request by Mladen Naletilic Tuta, former commander of the Kaznjenicka (Convicts) battalion of the Croatian Defence Forces, HVO, for a lie detector test.

The judges said such evidence was "unreliable" and would not be "of material assistance" in helping them reach their conclusions.

Naletilic is being tried alongside co-accused Vinko Martinovic Stela, former commander of the Mrmak "anti-terrorist" group, which was part of the Kaznjenicka battalion. The trial should begin in the early months of next year.

They are accused of individual and command responsibility for murder, torture and cruel treatment within the framework of a "widespread campaign of ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims" in 1993-1994 around Mostar.

A pre-hearing conference is scheduled for December 7 where Naletilic and Martinovic will plead on the additional charge that they exposed Bosniaks to "dangerous and humiliating work", thereby committing grave breaches of the Geneva Convention.

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