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Judge Orders New Delic Indictment

TU No 451, 05-May-06
Since charges were first confirmed against Delic in early 2005, the prosecution has asked to be allowed to amend the indictment against him on a number of occasions. Some of these requests have been aimed at implementing changes ordered by the trial chamber and correcting earlier errors.

Other proposed amendments came after Sefer Halilovic, another top Bosnian army officer, was absolved of responsibility for crimes in the Croat villages of Grabovica and Uzdol during an operation to lift the siege of Mostar in 1993. Prosecutors now want to charge Delic with planning and ordering the attacks on the two settlements.

Delic's defence lawyers have mounted a number of challenges to the various bids to amend the charges against him.

Faced with a mounting pile of proposed amendments, draft indictments and defence objections, Judge Robinson has asked the prosecution to submit a consolidated charge sheet incorporating and highlighting all changes they wish to make to the original 2005 document.

The defence will then have a chance to submit a consolidated reply, offering any objections they feel are appropriate.

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