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Islamic Party Fights to Regain Parliamentary Seat

The Islamic Rebirth Party, IRP, is continuing its campaign to reclaim one of its two seats in parliament, which it lost when the incumbent stepped down.
By IWPR Central Asia
Muhammadsharif Himmatzoda gave up his seat in April, and IRP leader Muhiddin Kabiri, who holds the other seat, told reporter Sohiba Olimpour that regaining the quota was a matter of justice, although the next parliamentary election is fast approaching.

Over the summer, the Supreme Court rejected the party’s application to overturn the election commission’s decision to reject the claim. The commission says that according to the rules, a seat is not filled if it becomes vacant less than a year before an election.

The IRP argues that another clause in the election rules states that a vacant seat is filled by the next person on the “party list” used for proportional representation.