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ICC/Africa: Nov '07

IWPR’s international audience and reputation for probing, balanced journalism draws new reporters.
The growing profile of IWPR’s ICC project in central Africa has helped to expand its network of contributors.

New contributors include Daniel Ooko who is based in Nairobi and is likely to focus on issues related to the Darfur conflict.

Isaac Swangin and Anthony Lotiong, journalists based in Juba, South Sudan, will also be writing for the project on Sudan-related issues, including the Darfur rebel groups who have been holding unity talks there.

In addition, the project has expanded the number of correspondents in Uganda, with the recent addition of Caroline Agugi in Gulu, among others.

Agugi explained that she had first heard of IWPR when Hague-based IWPR reporter Katy Glassborow told her about it when she came to Gulu back in April for a seminar about the ICC for northern Ugandan journalists.

“I noticed that IWPR carries balanced, detailed and well-researched reporting, a rather good training for a journalist who wants to improve on his or her writing skills,” she said.

“I like writing for the website because I want to become a good international reporter.”

Julius Ocen from Gulu heard of IWPR at recent training session in South Africa.

“I personally have benefited from the training, and exposure, since it’s my first time writing for an international media house as IWPR,” he said.

“I wish to write for IWPR to gain more experience in news story writing. I hope the more I write, the more I will gain experience and exposure.”

Isaac Swangin from Juba said that he heard of IWPR indirectly through a local media contact.

”The stories published by IWPR are really very important [as they] focus on humanitarian laws that governments are supposed to consider when there are crises so that victims are not forgotten which in many years have not been reflected in power struggle by leaders,” he said.

”I very much like writing for IWPR because in my country Sudan there is a total violation of human rights and no freedom of speech and l hope by writing to IWPR, the international community will know how citizens of Sudan are being humiliated and so responsible persons brought to justice.”

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