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Hadzihasanovic and Kubura to Receive Verdict in March

(TU No 440, 17-Feb-06)
Hadzihasanovic, who was commander of the Third Corps of the Bosnian army, and Kubura, who was chief of staff for the Seventh Mountain Brigade, are charged with seven and six counts respectively of violations of the laws and customs of war for their alleged murder and cruel treatment of Serbs and Croats during clashes in central Bosnia in 1993.

In addition, Hadzihasanovic is charged with superior criminal responsibility for damage to two Croat churches.

This was the first ever tribunal case to be based entirely on “command responsibility”, the concept that military commanders can be held responsible for crimes committed by their subordinates if they failed to prevent or punish the perpetrators.

Neither of the two accused is charged with planning or ordering any of the crimes himself.

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