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Foca Rape Trial - Medical experts report back on Vukovic impotence claims

Tribunal Update 199 Last Week in The Hague (November 13-18, 2000)

Vukovic claims he injured his testicles when he fell on a piece of wood on June 15, 1992.

Belgian doctor Yvan de Grave, for the prosecution, and Yugoslav forensic expert Dusan Dunjic, for the defence, examined Vukovic and his medical records prior to filing their reports.

De Grave said there were no indication the defendant suffered temporary impotence, Dunjic left the possibility open.

Defence counsel Goran Jovanovic asked de Grave whether Vukovic could have suffered impotence during an acute phase of illness after the accident. De Grave said any such condition would have lasted no longer than three days. The doctor added he had found no physical marks left by the injury itself.

Dunjic said it was not possible, on the basis of medical records and information received by the doctors, to establish past impotence. Dunjic contradicted de Grave, however, adding that physical marks found on Vukovic, corroborated the defendant's claims he had suffered the injury. He also said it was "entirely possible" for temporary impotence to occur during an acute phase of illness after such an injury.

Vukovic's defence now hinges on whether such inconclusive expert medical testimonies can outweigh or erode direct accusations made by several Bosniak women from in and around Foca, who have identified the accused as one of the men who raped them eight years ago.

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