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Five Injured as Ukrainians Retake Mariupol City Council

Five people were injured when the city council in Mariupol, Donetsk region, was freed overnight on April 23-24, the Ukrainian interior ministry’s website reports.

“At around 03:00 on April 24, a police patrol squad stationed round the clock near Mariupol city council saw a group of civilians carrying baseball bats. Around 30 people entered the building and demanded that those occupying it leave. The two groups then clashed.

“The police intervened and ended the clash. At present, there are reports that five people were injured in the fight and sought medical attention.”

A criminal case has been opened under Article 125 of the Criminal Code – intentional bodily harm. Police are on the scene.

This article republished from Novosti Donbassa with kind permission.

Original article in Russian.

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