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First Head of State Visit to the Tribunal

Tribunal Update 20: Last Week In The Hague (17-22 March, 1997)

According to the President Cassese statement, her visit "testifies to the strong support given to the Tribunal by the Republic of Ireland, which has paid its contribution to the UN general budget and which has, from the outset, been one of the twenty contributors (about US$ 122,000) to the Trust Funds established to support the ICTY's work by extra-budgetary means".

Pointing out that, prior to being elected President, Mrs Robinson was a Professor of Law and a Civil Rights lawyer, the statement concludes that, by visiting the Tribunal, she "wishes to demonstrate most clearly her personal attachment to Human Rights issues."

Whether it is a coincidence or not, on the day President Robinson visited the Tribunal (March 19, 1997), the Irish Government officially submitted her candidacy for the new UN Human Rights Commissioner.