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Ex-Yugoslav Officials Face Croatian War Crimes Charges

(TU No 454, 26-May-06)
Former Yugoslav defence minister Veljko Kadijevic and former air force general Zvonko Jurjevic are accused of ordering the assaults, Zvonko Kuharic, a spokesman for the Osijek district attorney's office, told the AFP news agency.

Kadijevic is named in the Hague indictments against the late Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic as having participated in so-called joint criminal enterprises to drive non-Serbs from large sections of Croatia and Bosnia in the early Nineties.

Kadijevic and Jurjevic, who are thought to reside in Serbia, have both been charged previously by the Croatian authorities in connection with alleged war crimes elsewhere in the country, AFP reported.

In an interview with Croatian Radio, Kuharic denied that the latest development was intended to draw attention away from recent controversial moves to file war crimes charges against the high-profile opposition politician Branimir Glavas. Glavas was a senior commander in Osijek during the war.

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