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European Parliament Calls On Member-States To Hand Over Evidence Against Milosevic

Tribunal Update 112: Last Week in The Hague (8-14 February, 1999)

Following the adoption of the Resolution, Olivier Dupuis gave the following statement:

"While the Council of the European Union (Ministers of Foreign Affairs) continues to consider the maintenance of the regime ruling in Belgrade, and thus of Mr. Milosevic, as a central element for the stability of the region and the solution of the Kosovo question, the European Parliament strongly underlines the central role of this regime in the tragedy of the Former Yugoslavia and the necessity to put the Tribunal in the conditions to verify the direct responsibility of the main leaders of the Belgrade regime in the crimes committed yesterday in Bosnia and Croatia and today in Kosovo. In the increasingly sceptical climate as regards the possibility to re-establish a minimum of justice in the Kosovo situation, this means, undoubtedly and finally, a step in good direction, which can not otherwise but bring us nearer to the moment of the indictment of Mr. Milosevic."

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