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Editor's Note

By Chris Stephen in The Hague (TU 306, 24-28 March 2003)

Amra is a leading columnist and political analyst with Sarajevo's leading newspaper

Oslobodjenje, where she has worked for 20 years.

Born and raised in the Bosnian capital, she left during the war with her two young sons, to live in Zagreb, while her husband remained in Sarajevo. She returned in 1995.

As a correspondent in Bosnia, she has interviewed victims of rape and former prison camp detainees.

She has been a special correspondent for IWPR since January 2001, when we

organised a visit for her and other leading journalists from the region to The Hague war crimes tribunal.

Amra is one of IWPR's network of correspondents providing war crimes news and journalist training across the Balkans.

Her work is highly regarded both for its expertise and for the sensitivity

she brings to reporting of some of Bosnia's most disturbing war crimes.

Chris Stephen is IWPR's project manager in The Hague.

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