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Dossier Names 50 Who Helped Mladic

(TU No 439, 10-Feb-06)
The list, which named retired army officers and ex-military security officers, was presented to Serbia and Montenegro's Supreme Defence Council, VSO, last week.

“They will all be thoroughly investigated and interrogated, and some have already given their statements," Stankovic told reporters.

The Belgrade police announced late on February 8 that another former Mladic associate had been arrested on suspicion of helping the fugitive general.

Sasa Badnjar - a Bosnian Serb soldier who was part of Mladic's team during the war in Bosnia - is alleged to have handled communications with Mladic since he went to ground. He faces charges of genocide in relation to the massacre in 1995 of nearly 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

Last month, another Bosnian Serb, Jovo Djogo, was also arrested for allegedly helping Mladic in hiding.

Belgrade is under heavy international pressure to step up its efforts to arrest Mladic. The Hague chief prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, met senior officials in Belgrade again on February 6 to reinforce the message that Serbia risks losing international cooperation if it fails to hand over Mladic.

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