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Dosen's Initial Appearance Postponed - 'Tuta' Naletic Too Sick To Travel

Tribunal Update 150: Last Week in The Hague (November 1-6, 1999)

Arrested on Monday, 25 October 1999, by SFOR members, by the following Saturday Dosen was settled in enough to by joining the centre's sports activities. However he fell and hurt his back while playing volleyball that day. A doctor ordered him to rest for several days.

The result? Dosen's initial appearance before the judges, scheduled to take place last Monday, was postponed a week until Monday, November 8.

Appearing before Judge Richard May without his client last Monday, temporary defence counsel Michael Greaves said he had not yet had the chance to meet Dosen, having been told that the accused was "unfit" for visits and talks with the defence counsel. When a journalist later asked him whether this explanation sounded convincing to him, Greaves responded with a counter-question: "Do you have a reason to doubt?"

l A team of Dutch doctors who examined Mladen 'Tuta' Naletilic in Zagreb last week, at the request of the Office of the Prosecutor, has concluded that the accused is unfit to make the transfer to The Hague.

Naletilic has undergone heart surgery, which is why the Croatian authorities postponed his extradition to the Tribunal after completing legal conditions.

"Naletilic needs additional medical treatment in Zagreb," said Tribunal spokesman Jim Landale. "After that, it will be decided in consultation with his Zagreb doctors whether he has recovered sufficiently to endure a trip to The Hague.

"If everything is all right, and Naletilic's condition improves, the Tribunal expects his arrival to the Detention Unit where he will have medical care at his disposal."

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