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Crimea Parliament Asks to Join Russia

By Ukrainska Pravda

The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea passed a resolution on Crimean independence on 17 March.

The parliament’s press service says 85 members voted for the resolution. The document proclaims an independent sovereign state named the Republic of Crimea. The city of Sevastopol is accorded special status.

The resolution also asks Russia to “accept the Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation as a new member with the status of republic”.

"The Republic of Crimea intends to construct relationships with other states on the basis of parity, peace, good-neighbourliness and other generally recognised principles of political, economic and cultural cooperation,” a press statement from the parliament says.

The Republic of Crimea also intends to ask the United Nations and all world states to recognise it as an independent state created by the peoples of Crimea.

The resolution also states that "from the day this resolution enters force, Ukrainian legislation will not apply in the Republic of Crimea, and decisions made by the Ukrainian Supreme Rada and other state institutions after the date of February 21, 2014 will not be implemented.

“Apart from the [above], Ukrainian legislation will apply in the Republic of Crimea until such time as appropriate regulatory acts are passed. State institutions of Ukraine will cease to function and their powers, property and financial assets will pass to state institutions of the Republic of Crimea, which will be determined by the government.

“In order to protect the rights and liberties of citizens and of economic entities, Ukrainian courts will continue functioning in the Republic of Crimea, although any decisions they take with regard to applying Ukrainian law in Crimea must not contradict this resolution.”

The highest judicial institutions in Crimea will be appeals courts located in the Republic of Crimea and in Sevastopol, a city with special status. The Republic of Crimea becomes the founder of all institutions, enterprises and other organisations that were founded wholly or partly by Ukraine. State property of Ukraine located within the Republic of Crimea becomes the property of the latter, the resolution says.

This article republished from Ukrainska Pravda with kind permission.

Original article in Ukrainian.

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