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Crimea: Military Hospital Head Abducted

By Ukrainska Pravda

The head of the Ukrainian military hospital in Simferopol was abducted at 17:30 on Friday, March 14, Ukrainska Pravda was told by Vladislav Seleznev, head of the Ukrainian defence ministry media centre in Crimea.

"At 17:30 today, a group of armed men in civilian clothing carried out a raid on the military hospital," Seleznev he said. "During the attack, unknown individuals handcuffed the hospital’s head, Colonel Yevgeny Pivovar, and took him away from the premises.”

"It has become harder for the military hospital to function as a result of this. According to Ukrainian naval commanders, the local authorities are not taking appropriate steps to deal with this," he added.

This article republished from Ukrainska Pravda with kind permission.

Original article in Russian and Ukrainian